500 Lbs Assorted Olympic Plates

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These quality Olympic 2" plates have rims and radius edges precision milled for a perfect circular shape and truer dimensions. Machine bored holes to protect the user as well as the bar and to facilitate easy plate loading and removal.

Black.  Appearance may vary slightly from photo.

500 lb set includes the following plates:
2.5lb 5lb 10lb 25lb 35lb 45lb
4 6 4 4 4 4
Adam Matteson
i want to know if you would include the 100lbs weights in a set if requested. Because why would you show them if they are not included

Big Fitness
The 100 lb plates are not included in a regular set that we sell but we could customize a set for you. Call us and let us know what plates you would like and we will get you a quote. The 500 lb set does not includes 100lb plates--the picture does not accurately show the weight set in this instance.

David Dillingham
im looking forward buying 500bls does this set come with the bar,,i hope....thank you

Big Fitness
This is only a plate set with 500 lbs of plates--4 2.5`s, 6 5`s, 4 10`s, 4 25`s 4 35`s, 4 45`s as it details in the description below the item. There are assorted weight sets on our site--for more info, call sales at 800-383-2008

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this is one baby i usually lift 500pounds and rep that 20times and do 4 sets its nie

I`m just starting to wieght train and this is an ok deal. All the stuff that is included on the side gives this a very worth while catch, the only thing holding it back from a 5 is its price. The price isn`t horrible, but its large enough to make it seem dounting.