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Large (24" x 36") Laminated Fitness Chart.
jorge paris
how do you build up your arms the right way ?

Big Fitness
Arm Workout Fitness Chart: Jorge, building up your arms the right way is something you need to define better. It would all depend upon whether you are looking for huge bodybuilder type arms or to have a strong arm for arm wrestling, or an arm well suited to throw a baseball. For each of these, you need to train your bicep and tricep but depending upon the purpose you would alter the training.. For just normally strong all purpose arms--- multiple sets of bicep curls, both cable and preacher curls also single arm dumbbell curls---in addition, triceps could be worked by tricep pushdowns on a lat machine cable, dumbbell tricep exercises, dips, close grip chest presses as well as other exercises..... Consult various books and videos pertaining to develop the arms you want for your sport or to serve you best for your lifestyle.

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