Butt Blaster - The Butt Blaster Store

Butt Blaster - The Butt Blaster Store

The Butt BlasterTM is a brand name piece of equipment that holds a title known worldwide for quality, dependability, and results!

The Butt BlasterTM is a machine designed to exercise the hard to reach glute, hamstring, and quadricep muscles with a controlled movement for total isolation.

Firming and toning of the glute, hamstring, and quadricep areas require a high degree of repetition in order to be truly effective. Due to unstable motion of current exercises, fatigue often results before these muscle groups are properly trained. Kinesiologists have determined that the gluteus maximus, hamstrings, and quadriceps are not called into action with hip extension until the hip is already flexed in excess of forty-five degrees.

Extensive research and refinement have come together to produce the unmatched and revolutionary design of the Butt BlasterTM fitness machine. With a constructive angle of sixty degrees, the Butt BlasterTM provides complete isolation of the glute, hamstring, and quadricep areas without placing undue stress on the lower back region.

The Butt BlasterTM is an easy to operate and ergonomically correct piece of exercise equipment designed for any and all fitness levels.

Outstanding quality is the foundation of our company. All factors are considered during design, manufacturing, and testing. This ensures hours and years of maintenance-free use, under extreme work loads.

Like no other machine on the market, the Butt BlasterTM offers more than just a great workout for the gluteal muscles: this unique marketing tool can benefit both parties by bringing a return back to your club.

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