Impulse B-2 Distance Pedometer

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Pedometers are ideal for walkers and joggers by giving accurate measurement of steps, distance and calories. The Impulse pedometer is easy to use and has a large display that is easy to read.

This small, lightweight pedometer measures steps, distance and calories all in one. The user simply enters their stride length and they are ready to begin.


  • Measures distance up to 999.99 miles
  • Counts Steps up to 99,999
  • Belt Clip
  • Compact and Easy to Use
  • Large LCD
how many steps in a mile?

Big Fitness
The answer to that involves you measuring the length of you normal stride or step--many have a three foot stride or step length--or about a yard. There are 1760 yards to a mile so therefore it would take that many steps at three feet per step for a mile. If you had a short step or 2 foot stride--you can figure that there are 5280 feet in one mile- if your step is two feet long- divide 5280 by 2 and you come up with 2640 steps per mile---Hope this helps

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