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  • Motor - American made 4.0 horsepower continuous-duty drive motor provides 0.5 mph to 12 mph speed range.
  • Deck - Landice's 1" thick decks are the strongest in the industry. Their no-maintenance decks are reversible, having over 3000 hours of use per side.
  • Thrust Motor - Landice’s treadmill elevation motor delivers 1000 pounds of thrust across the entire range of the treadmill’s 15% elevation. The 1000-pound rating allows up to a 400-pound user to run on the treadmill at top speed and still elevate smoothly and quietly during all phases of operation.
  • 4-Ply Belt - Landice's 4-ply belts are twice as strong as their competitor's belts. They don't over stretch and they reduce friction, allowing not only the belt to last longer, but also the motor.
  • VFX Floating Deck System - Landice's cushioning system is one of the best on the market today. It's been rated "5 times softer than grass", significantly reducing impact for runners and walkers, while maintaining a realistic outdoor feel. The unique design of the VFX system guides the deck strictly in a vertical plane, eliminating any lateral movement and creating an optimal running surface.
  • Crowned Rollers - The large rollers provide less friction which increases the life of the belt and motor. Landice uses the thickest steel tubing in the industry which keeps the roller in place, reducing noise and allowing for a quiet, smooth ride. 
  • Aluminum Frame - The aluminum frame resists rust better than steel. Plus, it's three times stronger than steel per unit weight. Landice uses aircraft locking hardware which is more reliable than welding. The strong frame will last longer and take up to 400 lbs. of user weight.

Console Features:

  • High-Tech Entertainment Center
    • High Powered Speakers.
    • iPhone, iPod or mP3 Connectivity.
    • PodGrip Holds Device In Place.
    • Accessory Pocket & Water Bottle Holder.
  • Display
    • LED Speed Display.
    • LED Statistics Display.
    • 5 Built-in Programs with Variable Time & Speed.
    • 2 User-Defined Programs.


  • Accutrack Contact Heart Rate Monitoring System
  • Wireless Heart Rate Monitoring System
  • Orthopedic Suspension System
    • "7 Times Softer Than Grass".
    • Provides the ultimate reduction of impact on joints and knees.
  • Medical Rails
    • Extended handrails run from the console to the deck to ease entry and exit.
  • Walk Station
    • Includes LapStrap™, TreadMouse™, PhoneDock™, and ErgoKey™.
    • Secure a laptop notebook computer to the reading rack with the LapStrap™ computer strap.
    • Adjustable TreadMouse™ mouse pad and multi-function PhoneDock™ mounts on either rail.
    • Adjustable ErgoKey™ keyboard tray slides out of the way or is easily removed.
    • Mount your own computer monitor with the optional VESA-D mounting bracket.
  • Landice Vision System
    • Landice's gorgeous 15" liquid crystal display includes a self contained side-loading DVD player and integrated television tuner.
    • Just plug the coaxial cable from your cable outlet into the bottom of the ElliptiMill and you can watch your favorite television shows.
    • Includes DVD/CD player, digital TV tuner, full function remote control, and stereo headphones.
  • VESA-D Mounting Bracket
    • Accepts up to 24-inch VESA-D 75/100 compatible flat screen computers, computer monitors, and TVs.
  • Tablet Dock
    • Six degrees of freedom allows station to tilt, move up and down, forward and back, in order to achieve your perfect ergonomic position.
    • Comes with a 7" or 10" docking station and changes size to hold the digital device in either vertical or horizontal positions.
  • IPOD Video Cable
    • Watch a movie from your iPod on the Landice Vision System with an iPod video cable.


The Landice Vision System
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Landice L7 Orthopedic Shock Absorption System
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Pro Trainer Console
Pro Trainer Console

The Pro Trainer features built-in and user-defined programs with an easy to use LED display.

Features include:
  • Statistics display showing: Time, Distance, Speed, Elevation, Calories, Pace and Pulse (Optional)
  • Dedicated Speed Display
  • 5 Built-in programs with variable time and unlimited effort levels
  • 2 user-defined programs
  • Optional AccuTrack contact heart-rate monitoring system
  • Optional Wireless chest strap heart-rate monitoring system

Landice Pro Sports User Manual

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