Landice L7 Orthopedic Shock Absorption System

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L7 Orthopedic Shock Absorption System

7 Times Softer than Grass — Provides the ultimate reduction of impact on joints and knees.

A 150 lb. runner can experience a peak impact force of up to 450 lbs. with every footstep on a hard surface, such as asphalt or concrete. A properly designed treadmill can eliminate this initial jolt, reducing the peak force transmitted through the body by up to 50%. This increases the runner’s comfort while reducing the risk of injury.

Landice has been making state-of-the-art treadmills since 1967 and designed their shock absorption systems in accordance with the latest medical research. Researchers at Harvard University studied the effects of the stiffness of a running surface on a runner’s performance. They concluded that a stiffness rating below 15 klbf/ft is necessary to provide an optimal surface that is both comfortable and reduces the risk of injuries. Landice treadmills with the optional OrthoPlus System have a spring stiffness constant of 5 klbf/ft (7x softer than grass).

Shock Absorption Chart
Orthopedic Shock Absorption
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