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Flexibility stretching improves sports performance, reduces the chance of injury and improves posture.

The Stretch Partner is used for golf stretching by PGA and LPGA coaches to improve swing motion range so that golfers can hit the ball further and by tennis and baseball coaches to improve lower back, glutes and hamstring flexibility.

The Stretch Partner is also used by physical therapists, health clubs and chiropractors across the country.

  • The Flexible for Life stretching video includes a step by step stretching program that covers all major muscle groups and a guide book that illustrates 18 stretches for all major muscle groups.
  • The Flex-Smart™ pivoting system provides a greater range of movement to accomodate various body types and levels of flexibility (patent pending).
  • Places the user in the proper body position for stretching.
  • Uses gravity to stretch all major muscle groups.
  • Solid steel frame designed to support users up to 300 pounds.
  • Transport wheels for easy moving.
  • Dimensions: 48" L x 37" W x 32" H

  • Frame: 5 Year Residential, 1 Year Commercial
  • Parts: 5 Year Residential, 1 Year Commercial
  • Upholstery and Bumpers: 90 Days Residential, 90 Days Commercial

can thelife-span stretch the legs and other muscle groups. if so,how is it accomplished thank you

Big Fitness
yes- there is a mechanism that allows your body parts to pivot back and forward so that both glutes and hamstrings can be stretched as well as your back and core muscles.

My husband has used the Precor c240 Stretch Trainer, but the Lifespan stretch trainer looks less sturdy. Can the Lifespan stretch trainer accommodate a 230 lb man? To the best of your knowledge,do people who buy the Lifespan for their home feel it is equivalent to the Precor they use at the gym?

Big Fitness
The Lifespan Stretch trainer is warranted for people weighting up to 300 lbs. It is a good -lesser expensive unit than the Precor version. Most people feel it is similar enough for the cost difference. To order, call Jack at 800-567-4909.

Ellen Paul
I`ve used the Precor stretch machine in gyms, and I`m wondering what is the difference between this much cheaper stretch machine and the Precor. Will I notice any difference if I purchase this one instead of the Precor that costs $400 more?

Big Fitness
There is a difference between the precor stretch trainer and the Lifespan stretch trainer, the main being is that the Precor one is made for commercial use and the Lifespan one is made for home use. Otherwise they stretch the same muscles.

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