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Shipping is included with the MyRower Indoor rower. MyRower indoor rowing machines have been designed to fit in with your lifestyle, your home and your ever changing fitness requirements. The MyRower uses an enclosed water tank to generate an even and smooth rowing stroke and is ideal for all ages and abilities. By choosing a MyRower you will be investing in a piece of fitness equipment that will help you achieve your personal health goals, whether they are to lose weight, tone the whole body or to get into peak physical shape.

  • Designed to Fit into Your Home — the compact MyRower has been styled to fit straight into the living space of your home due to its stylish design and minimal footprint when in use.
  • Easily Stored — store it up on end and the MyRower takes up no more room than a dining room chair. Wheels on the front of the machine make it easy to maneuver.
  • Quiet and Unobtrusive — you will be able to use the MyRower without intruding on others in your home.
  • Caters for All Ages and Abilities — anyone can use the MyRower regardless of age or ability.
  • Save Time and Increase Impact — get the most benefit from an all body workout and burn more calories in less time.
  • Relax the mind and be Kind to the Body — smooth and rhythmical, a joy to use and low impact on the body.
  • Unique Fitness Combination — combines aerobic and anaerobic health and fitness benefits

Dimensions: 82"L x 22"W x 19"H
Weight: 56 LBS
1 Year In-Home Warranty.

Is the MyRower safe for all the family to use?
Yes, the MyRower has been designed to be suitable for all ages and abilities. If you have a specific medical condition, or are uncertain of the correct level of exercise you should undertake, we recommend you seek medical advice.

How do I adjust the MyRower for different sized users?
The MyRower needs only minimal adjustment, making it an excellent choice when you have lots of family members looking to use the machine. The feet move up and down allowing different shoe sizes to be accommodated and other than that, the machine does not need to be adjusted.

How is the resistance created?
The resistance is created by the water in the sealed tank. This helps to spread the resistance evenly through the entire rowing stroke, unlike many air or magnetic machines which can create unnaturally heavy resistance at the start of the stroke and little resistance at the end. You increase resistance in rowing exactly the same way as you do in swimming and running, by increasing your intensity -- you don't put more water in a swimming pool when you want to go harder! The harder you row and the higher your stroke rate the greater the resistance you create. As this resistance is created naturally and by each individual, you can only ever work as hard as your body is capable of exercising, making the MyRower a safe machine for all users.

How much water should I place in the tank?
We recommend between 14 and 18 litres of water (please see the scale on the side of the water tank to see water levels). Less water replicates a lighter boat, more water a heavier boat. Whatever the level of water, if you row correctly, you will be able to row to exhaustion.

Where can I get information on rowing correctly?
There are a number of Internet sites that offer excellent information on using an indoor rowing machine and on rowing in general, here are two we recommend:

Can I stand the MyRower upright?
Yes, the MyRower is designed to store upright when not in use -- though we ask you take into consideration any young children who may be around the machine, as the machine is not designed to withstand being pulled or pushed and will fall over in this situation. The front of the machine comes with wheels to allow easy movement of the machine.

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