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Our Olympic curl bar is the most popular bar for training biceps. Bodybuilders everywhere find this curl bar to be the quickest way to build massive upper arm muscles as well as forearm by its special angled design.

Length: 47"
Between collars: 31.25"
Diameter: 25.6 mm
Weight: 20 lbs
Weight Capacity: 200 lbs
What is the proper way to use this Olympic Curl Bar? Specifically how/where do I place my hands? Thanks

Big Fitness
There are different positions available on the Olympic curl bar and the roughed up or knurled parts of the bar are the places most people will grip the bar from. An inside grip or an outside grip may be preferred depending upon the length of your arms or how you wish to impact the bicep. Try different positions to see what works for you. The bar is also often used for reverse curls and behind the head tricep exercises.

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