York 32004 2200mm Men's Elite Olympic Training Bar

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The YORK Power Bar is made using a stress relieved alloy bar from elevated temperature drawn steel with a minimum yield strength of 165,000 PSI with a durable exclusive finish. The YORK Power Bar is less flexible, more rigid, and has a tensile strength of 1500 lbs. It is excellent for use when performing static, highly controlled, slow movements such as the squat, chest press and dead lift.

Sintered-ferous bushings impregnated with oil facilitate free and constant rotation of the bar without allowing for counter-rotation of the weights. The bar ends are finished with a spring pin on a cold-finished, seamless tubing, securing the sleeve and making it virtually failure proof. Sleeves are machine-finished to a precise 1.975 inch diameter accommodating for any 2" diameter Olympic plate.

20 kg.

1 Year Warranty.
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