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Chinese herbal medicine uses herbs to treat and eliminate symptoms and improve health in the long term. Based on traditional Chinese medicine principles, herbs are individual plants or natural substances that synergize to enhance and treat illness. Herbs such as Astragalus Root, Camellia sinensis, Carthamus tinctorius, Bupleurum, etc., are often used in Chinese medicine. At ACA, doctors will create a custom herb formula for patients to treat corresponding conditions.

From the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbs help balance Yin and Yang (Yin and Yang theory is the underlying basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine) and achieve energy balance, adjusting the opposing forces of energy that run through invisible channels in the body. Unlike western medicine, which focuses more on symptoms, herbs concentrate more on the body system and root of diseases with fewer side benefits and help people maintain health for a longer time.

ACA Acupuncture & Wellness is an acclaimed [acupuncture clinic] offering holistic Chinese treatments. Our expert practitioners integrate modern knowledge with traditional chinese medicine for comprehensive wellness solutions. Come to us and experience the rejuvenating benefits of [cupping therapy] known for its ability to promote relaxation and alleviate muscle tension. Additionally, you can indulge in the therapeutic effects of [tuina massage, a traditional Chinese bodywork technique aimed at restoring balance and vitality.

We provide professional and authentic acupuncture treatments for pain relief, sports injuries, weight loss, anxiety, cancer, women’s health, and dermatological issues. Visit our website to learn more!

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