How Do I Sell my Used Fitness Equipment?

How Do I sell my Used Fitness Equipment?  Sell us your used equipment!

Everyday we get calls and emails on how gyms owners, fitness facility managers and home 
owners can sell there unwanted fitness equipment. 
We cant buy everything, usually becasue the equipment is too far away for us to pick up.
However, Big Fitness has some options for you to help sell your used fitness equipment: 

1. Premium Listing Service!
Let Big Fitness List your Used Fitness Equipment for Sale to over 200k Buyers!
This is the best way to sell your equipment. We can list a single piece or a full gym of equipment. This option nets you the most money. 
There is One Fee to list the equipment.  $199 or $299. 
All we need are pictures and a list of the equipment.  After we agree on a selling price we can get a professional listing 
put together with an online photo album thats available to over 200k potentail customers.  

Your equipment  package is distributed everywhere including the Big Fitness web site, Google , Bing, Yahoo, Craigslist, Ebay, Yakaz, 
Oodle, Big Fitness Blogs and our Facebook Page. We do a mass emailing to our 70k customers and place a listing in our mailed print catalog every month.  
Every potential fitness equipment buyer sees the listing.  We estimate your listing will be seen by over 200k potentail buyers in a 30 day period. 
Big Fitness can also help with the logistics, pricing and financing. 

Once the equipment is listed you have two sales options.
a.  All the sales calls go to you at no charge.  You handle the sales and the transactions. Cost to list is $299
b.  Big Fitness handles all the sales calls, sales and financial transactions for a 15% commission.  Cost to list $199

If you have any questions or would like to list your equipment for sale:

Contact Chris Soucie at or call him at W: 508-336-3879 ext 210 Cell 401-639-7765

2. Consignment:  If you have equipment that you need OUT,  and sold Big Fitness will come to your facility and remove the equipment, store it 
in our warehouse and sell it for you.  The equipment is listed everywhere and sold at our store. The split for consignment is 50%-50%
minus the pick up fee.  Big Fitness will pay for all the storage, listing fee's and seller fee's.  The equipment is posted all over the web,
emailed and put in our retail store for sale.

3. Sell it yourself on our new Free Fitness Equipment Open marketplace.  You list the items for sale for free,
take the calls and emails and make the sale.

4.  We can buy the equipment from you.    Send us your equipment List!

5.  In case of emergencys we can pick up equipment on a moments notice, warehouse and sell it for you.

       If you have any questions email Chris Soucie at or call him at W: 508-336-3879 ext 210 or his cell 401-639-7765
We also offer equipment appraisals if you are refinancing, buying or selling.
Send us your equipment List! 


How Do I sell my Used Fitness Equipment?  Sell us your used equipment!