The Butt Blaster

The Butt Blaster

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    The Classic Line Butt Blaster Machine LT1771 does exactly what the name suggests – blasts the butt to create strong and defined glutes. Precision linear bearings move along a guided rod ensuring a super smooth extension exercise. Biomechanical design and careful consideration of placement pads deliver the ultimate gluteus maximus workout.

    The robust frame, clean lines, and angled steel tubing create a strong appearance that compliments any facility. Made from high quality materials including commercial grade steel, our products last for the long term so your strength investment is maximized. You’ll notice this same attention to detail in every part of our product range, customer support, and in-club delivery.

    The Butt Blaster does not come assembled for shipping purposes.  But is very easy to put together. 

    • The ultimate gluteus maximus trainer for total isolation and development of these muscles
    • Precision linear bearings on hardened guide rods for super smooth action
    • Comfortable chest, knee, and elbow pads
    • Handle grips for securing user during leg presses
    • 120 lb steel weight stack with magnetic selector pin
    • 72 l x 47″ w x 63″ h, 550 lb
    • 183 cm x 119 cm x 160 cm, 250 kg
    WEIGHT 550 lbs
    DIMENSIONS 72 x 47 x 63 in

    Butt Blaster Machine Benefits – At A Glance

    •         Designed to train the gluteus maximus muscles, which form a crucial component of your overall posterior muscle chain.
    •         Arm, chest, and knees pads that are ergonomically positioned to provide maximal stability and comfort.
    •         Rubber-coated handle grips that provide additional support during the extension movement.
    •         Chest pad height can be easily adjusted to accommodate members of varying heights and sizes.
    •         Precision linear bearings glide along hardened guide rods to create a super-smooth movement action.
    •         Magnetic selector pin ensures weight stack adjustments are quick and simple.


    The butt blaster exercise targets gluteus maximus muscles that are used in standing and running. Not only are they a crucial component of the posterior muscle chain, but they’re also a popular muscle to target for aesthetic purposes. When performed incorrectly, too much strain is exerted on the back which can lead to muscular stress or injury. However our Butt Blaster Machine combines an adjustable chest pad with stabilizing handles to ensure biomechanically correct movements. This means the gluteus maximus muscles are precisely activated, delivering fast and effective results for your members. The cushioned arms and knee pads provide additional comfort, as well as being long-lasting. Our butt blaster is the ultimate gluteus maximus trainer for total isolation and development of these muscles.


    Strength training can sometimes be confusing for beginners, however our units are designed to overcome this barrier. They’re intuitive to set up and simple to use so new members aren’t intimidated. Precision linear bearings glide along hardened guide rods which creates a smooth and fluid movement action. Rubber-coated handles indicate where users should grip and provide additional stability throughout the exercise. The unit also features a visual instruction placard that explains how to perform the motion correctly, and magnetic weight stack pin makes it easy to change increments.

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