Information about Big Fitness

How it works

How Big Fitness Marketpalce Works:

  • Turn your Used Fitness Equipment into cash!  Sell a single piece or a whole gym.  Do it your self or BF can help. Contact Chris with any questions.  401-203-5659
  • To Start yourself: 
  • Click the "Sell your Gear" button on the top right of any page.
  •   You will have to sign in or start an account.  It takes 30 seconds. 
  • Choose what you want to do with your gear.  Sell with payment, give away , or rent it out.  Then choose a category that suits your item and start filling out the form.  Its quick and painless.  In a minute you will have your items up. 
  • If your post is a listing with payment (for sale), or for Rent you will need to add your PayPal account to your BF account so buyers can pay you. And BF can get thier fee.
  • If your donating equipment you don't need to add a PayPal account
  • Listing is Free , Big Fitness gets paid an 18% commission if the item sell on the site. 
  • Choose pick up if you want to sell local. Some gyms may want to ship items,
  • Paypal is a safe way to take payment. And we encourage you to talk or message with your buyer. 
  • Any questions or if you need help text or call Chris at 401-203-5659

  • If you need help pricing out your equipment feel free to contact me.  I can price up 1-6 pieces for free if you plan on posting it on this site.  I also do appraisals on entire gyms so you get top dollar.  Text me your pics and list if yo u need help 401-203-5659 
  • If you are a facility owner or manager and want BF to help sell your equipment we can do an appraisal of the equipment, list it, promote it and sell it for you.  Contact Chris Soucie for more info 401-203-5659

  • If you are buying I would recommend that you contact the seller 1st to make sure the item is still available and to figure out how you are getting your item. 
  • Pay with Paypal through UFE so your purchase is protected.  Just in case something happens. 

  • If you are want to rent or rent something out, only ask and only pay for 1 month at a time.  offer and accept monthly payments via PayPal.

  • If your donating or giving some stuff away have the buyer make arrangements to pick the stuff up.

  • I can also help with shipping and delivery on your items.  

  • If you own any type of fitness equipment related service please list your company under our service category.   Shipping, Delivery, Service, Finance.  Post it Please

Big Fitness also buys used equipment locally.  If you have equipment you want to sell us please fill out this form and we will get right back to you within a day.